Welcome to the WA Dance Directory where you'll discover all things "Dance" in Perth, Western Australia – from Dance Schools to Theatre Venues. If you're a dancer, dance school in Perth or just simply love dance, this is where you will be kept in the loop with special events, competitions, dance wear specials and much, much more.

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  • Dance Schools

    Looking for Dance Schools in Perth? From North to South of the River, East to West, you'll find the right dance school for you or your child no matter what style of dance you're into. Click here.

  • Dance Choreographers

    Here, you'll discover some of the most talented choreographers in Perth. If you're looking for someone for your school or to create an amazing show, click here.

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    For all your dance wear and supplies, you'll find everything you need here. Simply click here.

  • Rehabilitation

    For all your post training, rehearsal, performance recovery needs or rehabilitation of any injuries, click here to find a therapist to help you get back on your feet.

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    Dates for dance competitions, dance school concerts, special performances or dance expos can be found here. Click here.

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    Capture all your special dance moments on video or in photographs that you'll remember for years to come. Click here.

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    If you're looking for staging, sound and lighting specialists that will bring your show to life, click here to find the professionals for the job.

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    The right venue can make that special performance the highlight of the year. Click here to find venues of all sizes to suit your concert or performance.